The Performance :

The standard show is normally ten to twelve minutes long, but can be modified. It is a fast paced display- designed to keep the aircraft in view of the spectators as much as possible. The smoke trail changes color throughout the show.


  1. Hammerhead- full roll on vertical upline (conditions permitting)
  2. Half Cuban with 1 ½ Snap Roll
  3. Half Cuban with barrel roll (reposition-away)
  4. Immelman with 1 rolls (Green Giant)
  5. Wingover (reposition)
  6. Curved Hammerhead/ Half Cuban, point roll (multicolored)
  7. 4 Point Roll
  8. 8 Point Roll
  9. Wingover (reposition)
  10. Avalanche
  11. Humpty (half roll vert. up)
  12. Derry Turn
  13. Two Linked Rolls
  14. Wingover (reposition)
  15. Loop/ Two Wedges (multicolored)
  16. Hammerhead
  17. Opposite Rolls
  18. 180 Degree Turn (reposition)
  19. Photo Pass