Multicolored Smoke Changes In Flight:

The performance highlights the speed and beautiful lines of the Siai Marchetti SF260. It presents the “other side” of aerobatics- smooth flying. The act is all about precision. The aircraft flys loops, Cubans, point rolls and other aerobatic maneuvers down low- making it look easy. Red, white, and green smoke is used throughout the show. This brings a new twist to the display. The crowd appreciates that they are seeing something different.
The standard show is normally ten to twelve minutes long, but can be modified. It is designed to keep the aircraft in view of the spectators as much as possible.Years ago, Ron had seen a movie of a European jet team that used colored smoke in their airshow act. Since then, he has had the idea of developing a way of change the color of the smoke trail in smaller piston powered aircraft.
It took months of research and planning, but he managed to put it all together in the SF260.